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Evergreen Memorial Park . . .  involved in The Great Chattahoochee Valley.


Brewer Elementary unveils commemorative wall honoring

slain civil rights leader Dr. Thomas H. Brewer.



After becoming Principal of Brewer Elementary, Dr. Cenobia Moore was dismayed to find out that her students were deficient

in knowledge about their school's namesake, Dr. Thomas H. Brewer, a leader for racialequality in Columbus from the

1920s until his assassination Feb. 18, 1956. Principal Moore conceived the idea of a commemorative wall to honor

Dr. Brewer and teach his life's lessons to the students.
Mrs. Moore shared her idea with cafeteria manager Kenneth Duncan and the idea grew to include
Renny Mizell, the owner of Evergreen Memorial Park

and Columbus Black History Museum archives founder Johnnie Warner.


An idea came to fruition as Renny Mizell, Kenneth Duncan, and lead custodian Robert Sanders unveiled the wall

in the school's foyer. "This wall truly is a dream come true," Moore told the crowd." Current students and many students

to come will be able to stand before this wall and allow the memory of Dr. Brewer to come alive in their lives."

John Phillips, the Muscogee County School District's interim superintendent, challenged the assembled

students to "learn about this man's life and model what you've learned from Dr. Brewer."

The wall includes a plaque listing those who contributed to the project, including
Renny Mizell, owner of  
Evergreen Memorial Park, designed and

built the wall and donated it to the school in memory of Dr. Brewer.



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