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Lake Front Amenities

Our lake is decorated with beautiful amenities running all around the border. Our smaller Gazebo is a beautiful rustic wooden structure offering a peaceful and tranquil place to ponder and wander down memory lane. The Pavilion offers a beautiful setting for your services, its pristine white exterior matched by the gorgeous interior. The pinnacle of service venues is our large Gazebo, with its tasteful green roof matched by the brick pillars that is not matched by any other venue in Columbus.

Our lake is also home to a number of flocks of geese and ducks along with a plentiful supply of fish! Loved ones are permitted to fish the entire bank as long as they keep from interfering with any ongoing services, as we strive to provide the maximum amount of serenity to all families who choose the best place in Columbus to honor their loved ones. Our lake is the centerpiece of this Memorial Park, come by today and take in the cherished memories and tranquility that we pride ourselves on!

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