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Garden of Dreams

From the birth of our great nation we've struggled with the concept of equality and how that itself has plagued us. Throughout the 300 years of our nation's life this struggle has taken place, and this garden is our way of commemorating the advancement that we have achieved towards Martin Luther King Jr.'s goal as outlined in his famed "I Have A Dream" speech. As you walk down the path to the center of this monument, you will find that the walkway you follow represents the victories we have achieved, with amendments and laws etched into this storied walkway. Once you reach the monument, you will find yourself surrounded by accomplished African-Americans and face-to-face with a poem masterfully composed by Margaret Walker. Come visit this memorial, it is unlike any other.

Visit this monument to relive the battles that have been fought, ponder the famed words of Mrs. Walker, and celebrate the accomplished men and women honored here in Columbus, Georgia.

When we induct a new person we include their memory in this incredible monument, they will be remembered and honored by tens of thousands of people over the years. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a tour in this historic feature of our park!

These stones are placed in the walkway leading through the Garden of Dreams, with words selected and provided by Johnny Warner Founder of the Black History Museum of Columbus, Georgia. We have tried to truly capture the essence of this community for the incredible people that have helped build Columbus with honor, dignity, and pride.

Since the time of the dedication service the following seven people have been inducted:

Dr. Thomas H. Brewer
Rev. Primus E. King
George W. Ford
(Retired Sgt.) Lonnie Jackson
Ocie Mae Guice Harris
Honorable Arthur Joseph "A. J."  McClung Sr.
John Leonard Sconiers


We have an induction ceremony every several years with hundreds of people attending.

Over the years, tens of thousands have visited and viewed this

beautiful memorial to African-American history.

If you haven't witnessed this inspiring feature, we invite you to call or drop by for a free tour!

Garden of Dreams Burial Columbus, GA Evergreen Memorial Park
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